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The Talent Test -- Ana Morgan
The Talent Test

Shifting Anthology
Shifting Magic

Trust Me Ana Morgan
Trust Me

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Trust Me Ana Morgan

Trust Me

Lonely herbalist Ammi Folkright longs to foster an abandoned baby boy, but everyone in the county knows mental illness runs in her family. Her only hope is to prove her father was framed for a crime he doesn’t remember committing. But time is running out. The experimental drugs he’s forced to take are eroding his memories of the night her mother disappeared. To uncover the truth, Ammi needs someoneon the inside. Someone she can trust. Someone like Galen Thomas.

After a fall off a frat house balcony shatters Galen Thomas’ chance to be a baseball phenom, he vows to return to the sport he loves by becoming a major league medic. Studies completed, he returns to his hometown and marks time like the prisoners he treats—until he falls for Ammi Folkright. But when Ammi commits her own crime, Galen is forced to choose between her and his lifelong dream.

Will Galen abandon Ammi, like everyone else—or will he sacrifice everything to prove her innocence?

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