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The Talent Test -- Ana Morgan
The Talent Test

Shifting Anthology
Shifting Magic

Trust Me Ana Morgan
Trust Me

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Shifting Magic Anthology

Shifting Magic

Discover enchanted worlds, powerful shiftersand mages. Hidden secretsand steamy romantic trysts await …

I’m home alone in my favorite chair, just about to snuggle in for the night with Shifting Magic when I hear someone whisper my name.

I turn left. I turn right. No one is there.
It’s just my imagination running away with anticipation— a whole weekend to myself.

I download the collection from the Paragons of Paranormal, and the back of my neck tingles. Someone is watching me.

I read, “There is a physical plane—the one where you’re reading a book in your favorite chair. There are also unseen realms, magical realms where wondrous, fantastical things occur. These realms brush the one where you’re sitting. All you have to do is open your device and let yourself go.”

Shifting Magic is a collection of Shifters & Mages, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance stories with NYT, WSJ, USA Today Bestselling authors.

Maggie Adams
Margo Bond Collins
ID Johnson
Amy Morrow Van Horn
DF Jones Author
Tia Didmon
Ana Morgan
Brenda Trim
Author Maria Vickers

Enjoy the adventure!

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