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The Talent Test -- Ana Morgan
The Talent Test

Shifting Anthology
Shifting Magic

Trust Me Ana Morgan
Trust Me

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Mary Masters -- Ana Morgan

Mary Masters

Committed to a lavish wedding that will end her family’s harassment by scandal-hungry reporters, an heiress with a passion for music is poised to marry a man she doesn’t love.

Hoping to win Mary Masters’ hand despite his second-class status, Robert Eagle, a penniless Lakota lawyer with a summa cum laude degree, agrees to help her self-centered fiancé pass the bar, only to vanish on the eve of the exam.

Convinced her fiancé is behind Robert’s disappearance, Mary assumes a risky disguise and sets off across a half-tamed continent to find him.
If they triumph can over prejudice and betrayal, they just might discover they don’t have to choose between duty and happiness.

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